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Bass Tournament • 2019 Volunteer Bass Trail

Bass TournamentVolunteer Bass Trail bass tournament was founded by avid bass angler, James Nuckols, Jr, and is based out of the Rockwood Tn area. We have members from all over the Southeast. Membership is only $20 per person per year and you will be able to join at sign up before each bass tournament. Each tournament entry fee is $110 per boat. There is a $3,000 guaranteed 1st place prize which is part of over 100% payout at each tournament. There is also an optional Big Bass pot. Entry fee is $10 per boat, and is 100% payout. Big Bass will be split 60%/40% to the two biggest bass each tournament.

Anglers can fish any or all of the 6 tournaments on the schedule. “Team of the Year” will be decided by the 4 best tournaments. The first bass tournament will be April 6, 2019 on Ft. Loudon/Tellico. Check out the 2019 Season Schedule for all the tournaments.

We invite you to take a look at the Volunteer Bass trail bass tournament, and if you like tournament competition with some of the best payouts per tournament in Tennessee, join the most enjoyable organization of folks that love to fish!